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I'm a series junkie, but I'm also a fan of Canadian series. And per Canadian series I mean the ones not only with almost whole crew Canadian, but also written by Canadian writers and produced in Canada.

In contrast to Vancouver that is a mecca for American filmmakers (TV and movies), most of the Canadian own productions are done in Toronto - who would have thought....

Over the years, I saw better and worse series, but usually the ratio of "see to check" vs "watch it till the end" is much higher than for American series.

What usually get's me are stories, as in all series, but it's also great writing, amazing execution, and awesome acting. Also an interesting and much more often shown that those are human stories and that life can be freaking hard and dark.

My favorites in a totally subjective view and in random order (well except the fist one cos it's my favorite)

1. I think my first series was "Flashpoint" - an Awesome story about Canadian SWAT team - SRU that does not shoot first, talk later but rather talk now shoot only if necessary. Awesome.  I'm a total fangirl, already thinking about writing a story for it. Watching the series for the third time already... It's an older series (in a series normal span of life) showed and filmed between 2008 - 2012, so fandom is is smaller already and there are not so many long and good fanfics around :( If you see any please share! I will not share a trailer as there is none good around, but if you have American Netflix give it a chance.

2. Just discovered "X Company" - a story about spies in WWII that are trained and mostly are Canadian. So far second episode down the line and I love it too. Not totally fangirl yet, but I like them a lot.

3. Oldie but goldie "Cracked" this time a cop after a public meltdown is assigned to a special psychology unit. (I start to see a pattern here...). Anyway it's another favorite of mine. Lasted only two seasons :(

4.Sci-fi and good sci-fi is difficult to get, SyFy orders a lot of series in Canada so they know how to do it. "Continuum" a time travel story... this time filmed in Vancouver, but still very nicely done - lasted 4 seasons with good story about consequences of trying to change the future by changing the past.

5. "Lost Girl" fantasy? fantastic story about fae, sounds interesting, and so it is. A little bit of scary story just for adults. Overall I have a feeling Canadians are much better about telling stories for adults than making too simple stories for growing adults.

6. Another cop show (damn I love them) is dark, very dark "Durham Country"

7. Last but not least another close to fantasy, supernatural show - "The Listener"  about a guy that can read people's thoughts.

Yeah I have a type or two types - Police stories, fantasy and sci-fi ;)

Do you have any favorite Canadian shows?

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Date: 2016-03-17 09:14 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I'm tempted by Continuum. I might try it some day.

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Date: 2016-03-17 09:22 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Continuum have really good 3 season, fourth one was little worse but still, nicely done! Try it in free time :)

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