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There are things that are going at the moment in Poland that make me angry, so very angry that I took part in my first protest on the street and will most probably take part in more events.
What is going on in the lovely country of mine? The currently ruling party, ironically called "Law and Justice," ironically cos they have nothing to do with either or.... Just passed for further works bill about total abortion ban. TOTAL! At the same moment trashing another project from the pro-choice coalition.

Here is little bit more detail. Although they are wrong writing that current abortion law is widely supported, bull!! The current abortion law is so called "compromise" between Catholic Church and the lawmakers. In theory, it allows for abortion in three cases, when the pregnancy is a result of rape, when the fetus is deformed, or if the pregnancy is a risk to the mother's health. However, it's all theory as many of the hospital doctors where abortion should be possible signed so-called "conscience clause" that allows them to refuse treatment due to their religious belief. The Same clause is used by doctors to refuse prescribing anticonception pills, or even by a pharmacist to sell them. The law says we are allowed get the medicine we need, we are allowed to buy it, we are allowed to have the treatment in specific causes... that law is dead. The abortion underground is healthy and costs a lot! Not only money but if you don't have money then it cost life or health. We all know that restricting it, even more, will just cause the underground to grow, make it riskier. As the restrictive bill calls for prison for both mother and the doctor.

I don't agree. I want this lawmaker out of my body. I'm lucky cos I have Germany just a few minutes from home, where I can have a legal procedure in a safe hospital. It will cost me; I can make it. But there are millions of women in Poland that can't afford it.

Please help us protest! If you see and post on Facebook or Twitter with #czarnyprotest share with the rest of the world. Help our voices to carry.

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Date: 2016-09-27 07:29 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I heard about this on the news this morning. This is very sad, and this makes me angry for all the women in your country. Go protest! I'm with you!

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Date: 2016-09-27 08:05 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thank you!

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