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Right now all my fics are available on and AO3, new ones will show also here but for now here are the links for AO3.

I write mostly general stories, with Neal as main character. Shorter and longer depends how my muse is singing. Drama and case fics seem to be my main topic.

Last update: 8th February 2014

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Celebrating new cover for one of my fics I made a new Fic Masterfic post (I still can't figure out why the heck LJ is not showing table borders). Anyway :) I have three beautiful covers and lot's of fics without ones. So here is a request, a please please I beg you request, for all talented people to create covers for the rest of the fics. Just drop a name and I will put it up as reserved for you.

Anyone knows any communities I could pinch it on?

Oh and here is the link to updated masterfic post (well you know the one just above)

*Shades of gray series is booked for [ profile] aragarna

Title:Take Your Time to Catch Your Breath (and Choose Your Moment)

Rating: PG-13

Pairing: Gen, Diana/Christie

Warnings: Violence, hurt/comfort

Spoilers: Minor for 3x16 “Judgment Day”

Word count: ~7800

Beta: by fantastic mam711. And all remaining errors are mine.

A/N: Written for whitecollar h/c Whump-a-Palooza challenge.

Title from lyrics of “Slide” by Dido

Summary: This weekend wasn't going according to plan. Not at all.

Part 1 | Part 2

Shades of Gray

"Colors of Gray" Neal's dream's are not what you think they are. (G) 

"Red" There is a reason why Neal doesn't like guns; there is a reason he sometimes dreams red. He just doesn't remember it. (T) 

Neal dreams are colorfully affected by events of his life. Where did the orange came from? (G) 

"Light Sky Blue"  And light sky blue got a new meaning: revenge. (T)