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April 2017

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And that's all floks! 30 day photo meme is finished and here is the last photo.

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It's almost over! I need weekend and piece and quiet, sleep for 24 hours maybe more and lots' lots of sun...

Anyway have a photo...

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I was waiting for this since the meme started :)

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Phew I was a little busy those past few days, a friend visit, a movie night, a change of keys and a trip to Berlin.
So here are photos I was supposed to post for the past few days ;)
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I feel a little bit like cheating, cos lately most of the photos are taken close to home...

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It wasn't easy to choose, especially taking in consideration the next day challenge, and I'm making a little bit of easy way here :)
Especially as most days I see bus, road to work, monitors screens, road home, bus, and monitor screens...

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Okay today topic of photo made me smile!!

I'm crazy enough to have photos of my feet.. hmm now important question is which one to choose...

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Adn I arrived at posting photos day by day.... hopefully :)

So photo for today:

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Btw. meme's I wanted to participate in movie meme, but really I saw so many of them, and none seem to pass to me... so nope ;)
Oh and as I finally reached number 15 on the list, I will now try... to post photo a day.

Photo Meme part 3....

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Part 2 of photo meme from day 6 to 10.

Btw. Feel free to ask about any of the photos. :)

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  Ganked from my pal [ profile] aragarna because really, me not doing a photo meme would be something incredibly wrong :P

So here the full list, as I'm late to the party, I shall post several photos at once.

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Photos Meme part 1

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