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Dec. 6th, 2015 09:35 pm
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It's my favorite place in Szczecin - the old type of harbor cranes - three left at the harbor here in Szczecin. And once or twice a year they are lit with colorful lights.

It's been a while since I showed you all some photos, with a very busy time I made myself even more busy spending some days or long late evenings with my trusty camera in hand trying to capture some awesome moments. So I have over 1500 photographs from Rhythmic gymnastics competition in awful, awful lighting conditions... So they are still under the works. Here only one example.

Rhythmic gymnastics )

I've also been working on story for reverse big bang :) Which is shaping up nicely! And at the same time I went to Warszawa (Warsaw), Capital of Poland to pay a visit to Embassy of USA, yep I will be visiting the other side of the pond. Yay! Here have some captures from there.

Warszawa )

I've also spent time preparing, a first for me, co-organized and co-conducted photography workshop for craftsmen (or in this case women)...

And the day just before I spent two night hours at amazing street performance by Theater Titanick with music by Fanfare Le Snob - it was called "Firebirds" and told a story of pilots taking part in a race... Oh what a wounderful piece of street art it was. And the great part was also Steampunk! See few photos from the gallery.

Firebirds )

Phew you could say I was little bit busy for the past few weeks...
And that's all floks! 30 day photo meme is finished and here is the last photo.

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It's almost over! I need weekend and piece and quiet, sleep for 24 hours maybe more and lots' lots of sun...

Anyway have a photo...

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I was waiting for this since the meme started :)

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Phew I was a little busy those past few days, a friend visit, a movie night, a change of keys and a trip to Berlin.
So here are photos I was supposed to post for the past few days ;)
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I feel a little bit like cheating, cos lately most of the photos are taken close to home...

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It wasn't easy to choose, especially taking in consideration the next day challenge, and I'm making a little bit of easy way here :)
Especially as most days I see bus, road to work, monitors screens, road home, bus, and monitor screens...

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Okay today topic of photo made me smile!!

I'm crazy enough to have photos of my feet.. hmm now important question is which one to choose...

Photo... )
Adn I arrived at posting photos day by day.... hopefully :)

So photo for today:

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Btw. meme's I wanted to participate in movie meme, but really I saw so many of them, and none seem to pass to me... so nope ;)
Oh and as I finally reached number 15 on the list, I will now try... to post photo a day.

Photo Meme part 3....

Photo Part 3 )
Part 2 of photo meme from day 6 to 10.

Btw. Feel free to ask about any of the photos. :)

Part 2 )
  Ganked from my pal [ profile] aragarna because really, me not doing a photo meme would be something incredibly wrong :P

So here the full list, as I'm late to the party, I shall post several photos at once.

Photo meme full list )

Photos Meme part 1

Photo meme P1 )
I can't believe I'm back for two weeks already, where have the time go?
So three weeks ago I've met my pal [ profile] aragarna and her friend Tim on airport in Edinburgh, what followed was an epic, one week journey through Scotland - ALL OF IT! Well almost... ;)

It was AWESOME! Scotland is beautiful country, the company was absolutely fantastic, and although we saw a lot, looots of things, there is still so much more to see.
Oh and you can read all about my failed attempt on cracking a safe on ara's lj :P

Onward to my favorite part! Photos! Oh and they are absolutely out of order we traveled in :P

Photos and more photos... )
I didn't forget about all of you, just being crazy busy at work...
So here it comes one of the most difficult riddles till today - not guessed yet on FB or G+... so maybe You will be first :P

Rules? There aren't any :P

Oh no one guessed this time, finally something very, very difficult! And the solution is: Beaten egg white used as glaze on pastry to make it look nicely, baked of course.

Start guessing! )

Guess What?!

Jan. 24th, 2014 07:46 pm
nieseryjna: (guess what)
Ha another two weeks passed, and it's quite a good moment today (better than last Friday), of course I mean a good moment for another mind riddle! Who will guess this time what it is?? ;)

Ready to try? Small rules reminder:
1. You may try to guess as many times as you want.
2. Winner will be announced up to 48 hours after publication.
3. Your only prize is virtual *hug* or * handshake* and mention in the post.
4. What is not in the rules is allowed ;)

And the winner is: [ profile] aragarna after few attempts by everybody, which I hope was fun for all. For ara fanfare, confetti and giant hug! And the correct answer is: mussel (shell only actually)
Guess What! )

Guess What?!

Dec. 16th, 2013 10:18 pm
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Oh I know it's not Friday, I'm a little bit late with the riddle, sorry for that! I was answering meme questions (I'm still accepting them, come one ask me something!)

So with little delay some new riddle for all of you, don't be shy and try to guess what is on photograph!

Little rules setting:
1. You may try to guess as many times as you want.
2. Winner will be announced up to 48 hours after publication.
3. Your only prize is virtual *hug* or * handshake* and mention in the post.
4. What is not in the rules is allowed ;)

And I must admit I have not expect it to be guessed soooooo fast... again by the Speedy Gonzales [ profile] frith_in_thorns
Confetti and fireworks!! Congratulations!
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