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OMG I saw first trailers because I love comic book adaptations - and Netfilx and Marvel are doing it the right way.

It's dark, but it's also deep and layered. The main character is complicated, harsh, edgy and oh so perfectly played. She isn't perfect, she is as we all are, more damaged, fighting to live day to day.
The main cast is mostly women, which is refreshing, and all of them are successful. They are not heroes of heroes. They are heroes of everyday.

I'm a TV maniac, or as I do not own a TV/Cable whatever TV series junkie. The list is loooong, and get's longer as soon as new shows are starting, usually in each season I find something to watch. Vacation time is difficult cos most of the series are gone, and only few remain, and even those few are either cancelled or moved - like White Collar... ah.

So in search for something new, I watch first episode of everything that starts, or I try at least if I find the description compelling to my tastes. I like comedies (but without the artificial laughter), criminal stories, supernatural, dramas, action series. I despise reality shows...

Anyway I found today a new show, made with French cooperation called "Crossing Lines" and the story is about a team of cops from various European countries, and surprise, surprise an ex-cop from NYPD, a profiler. As far as I can say, and from the movies I have seen, French are doing quite well in the action/criminal part of the entertainment. So I gave it a try, and I'm not totally disappointed, I like it enough to get to the second episode. So far I don't like any of the characters, they are just blah. Stereotypical. But the plot was interesting and there are probably some hidden issues coming along. So will give it a try. And yes don't start with me, there is Interpol that should be doing the same. No comment.

One of the pluses is they did try to get some local actors, or at least speaking the language. The German cop is actually German actor (playing in US movies, but hey he too need to make living), and I saw him in some German productions as well, and yes he speaks the lingo too. Can't say much about the English/Irish/US part of the crew. The actress playing the French girl is actually american! But she does speak the lingo too, and guessing from her imdb resume, she played on this side of the pond. I'm not sure either about the Italian lady, we will see.

Oh and here is a trailer.



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