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Aragarna gave the idea for a fic, so we also stuck a deal I write she make's the cover and there it is awesome and fantastic cover for "F is for Conspiracy" by very talented [ profile] aragarna.

Lovely [ profile] aragarna made for me another cover! This time for the first story in "Shades of Gray" series -  "Colors of Gray" Jupiee

Cover: Orange

Jun. 29th, 2013 05:55 pm
nieseryjna: (Neal & Sara)
Look what I got! Aragarna made another fantastic cover to one of my fics - Orange.

It's a crossover series and universe in which Neal Caffrey is a clone of Colonel Jack O'Neill (Stargate SG-1).

So there is this WIP that is partially published, has 3 chapters and no end... it's my only published WIP. I might write something new for it when the mood strikes...

So last but not least cover - the graphics with Neal shadow and Peter is somewhere from internet, can't give credit cos I don't remember who did it :(

Edit: As aragarna corrected me the picture is a promo from season one (no wonder I didn't know as I started following from season 2 and didn't even see graphics from that one) ;) So credit goes to USA Network (probably)
Whee I have covers for all of my one shots!!! Here are the three latest.

Phew good to know I still remember some things from Photoshop, and I learned few new in the past few days.
So as I have too much time on my hands... I'm still making covers for my fics and I decided to not bother you every few minutes with a new ones so here are three I created today. Can't promise there will be no more done, cos there is still few fics that are missing covers...

Update to Hot Cold Case cover, I didn't like the last one so much...
Last cover for today, I promise ;)

Time for new cover (yes I do try to use the current flow to the fullest ;) Sticky fingers today!! And no I will not promise that's the last today... got to much fun, again ;P

I know, I know the last cover was supposed to be the last, but I got more time on my hands waiting for a friend to pick me up, so here is another cover for "Ladies don't cry".

I'm on roll... pity it's not writing roll but still good that I do something at all. I'm on covers making roll! Wheee for my fics. New from me - for fic Hourglass.

Look what I got from [ profile] aragarna wheee a wonderful and cheeky cover for "Cashmere". Awesome!

To be fair it was part of the deal, I was supposed to write the fic if Ara make's the cover, then she conned me into agreeing to making a cover if I wrote a fic. So well it couldn't end any other way. Right? ;)
Oh my, oh my I'm on the roll of covers making... here is another for Diana fic Take Your Time to Catch Your Breath (and Choose Your Moment) (links to story in the masterfic list of course)

Well it's all because I fell in love in having covers for my fics... so well I did one myself, again.... And I even like it... ;)

So [ profile] aragarna was so kind to make another cover for me! This time for a fic "Toddler in stolen Tiara"

Isn't it fantastic?!

I’ve just got another absolutely AWESOME cover for one of my fics, from [ profile] aragarna of course cos she is AWESOME! This time it’s “Thief’s Legend”

You can read the story at LJ and compare the awesome cover that Aragarna did with my bad attempt... or at or AO3


I’ve met [ profile] aragarna on USA White Collar forum and her fan art for the show left me in awe. So not really thinking too much I asked if she would be willing to make some covers for my fanfics… and to my greatest pleasure she said YES!

Yupieee and guess what - her work is absolutely amazing. Just look at it! This is her first cover for my story Red. Part of Shades of Gray series… and one of my favorites.

LJ, AO3, – Warning it’s SCARY!