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I'm crazy, but hey I really need to start writing again - there is the Monster to finish... so something to get my creative juices flowing.
Gen bingo card! Hit me with ideas if you want I might write some :)

Thunder and Lightening Truth serums, Truth spells, and Truth drugs Hurt / Comfort Initiation / Hazing Found Families
Je ne regrette rien (I regret nothing) Signs and Portents Old and New Toys Biography / Autobiography
Artisan / Craftsman Zombies Wild Card Bodies of Water: Lakes / Ponds and Seas A Mystery to Investigate
Stuck Up Compare and Contrast Sentient Weaponry Soft Fork in the Road AU
Friendship Vacations and Holidays Silhouette Saga Be Still My Beating Heart
  I don't really have time to write lately, but I try to practice my imagination especially related to story writing. For Christmas I got cool thing called Story Cubes.
They are very cool to play around and very easy. And today, well today I deliberately made something for all of us.

Guess what it is ?? ;)

Hiya folks I wrote (some time ago, as usual) another installment in Discoworld/White Collar crossover where Neal is friends with Death (from Discworld) of course. Now I have two versions of the same fic one ca. 4K the other ca 1K. And of course I can't decide which one I prefer. So I'm looking for someone that would be willing to take a look on both, help me decide which one to use and which one delete, and help with some beta stuff - grammar especially - my Achilles heel...

Because all the cool kids are playing ;)

Choose a number, any number, and I will give you a very likely long-winded answer. :)
The mission for those of us who answer the questions, should we accept it, is to stay positive about our writing and ourselves, but to also be fair about our shortcomings. Feel free to request a number if it's already been requested, and I'll try to expand upon the answer already given or come up with a different angle/answer. (Also, feel free to request multiple numbers if you're having a hard time choosing!)

1. Of the fic you’ve written, of which are you most proud?
2. Favorite tense
3. Favorite POV
4. What are some themes you love writing about?
5. What inspires you to write?
6. Thoughts on critique
7. Create a character on the spot... NOW!
8. Is there a character you love writing for the most? The least? Why?
9. A passage from a WIP
10. What are your strengths in writing?
11. What are your weaknesses in writing?
12. Anything else that you want to know... (otherwise known as Fill in the Blank)

Oh and I will try to be honest with myself...
I stumbled just before Christmas upon a BBC produced program called "The World's Most Expensive Stolen Paintings". I think it's indeed an interesting topic and a very nicely done program. It's actually not showing all of the most expensive stolen paintings, or maybe it is, but it does concentrate on some of them, with quite a big slot about the Gardner Museum theft. But it also shows that side of the crime that we don't think about often - dark and unforgiving.

White Collar shows it in much more glamorous way, but really it's still worth seeing. So if you do have a chance, tune in for 60 minutes (without commercial breaks ;)) to enter the world of art crime from another side.

Here's the link to official page of the program - and if you are in UK you can already see it on their iplayer, if not see on your local BBC program, or... well you know the or way!
Whee I'm on 30K in my NaNoWriMo, still few thousand words behind official target, but lately I was adding approximately 2,5K per day to my story so it's there will be more to come. The idea to write several stories was actually a good one, I wrote two fully and I'm in the middle of third one that seems to grow into Big Bang proportions. It already has 13,5K of the story written and there is still more to come.

Which one got my creative juices coming? The Supernatural crossover one! The crossover is very very slight, and actually I will not sell it as such, there is also a Supernatural 101 situation to explain some stuff to our characters, so part of it you are getting right now. Just because I celebrate this is a sneak peak of my story called "Devil may care."

Please take it with grain of salt as it's unbetaed, I'm not English native, and I actually just wrote it an hour ago. Yes those are my excuses... now a break for a snack and let's continue writing.

My fellow WriMos official and not, how is the writing going??

Some teasing... )
Anyway you notice my new icon? That's here just for a month, cos I write in NaNoWriMo and as I love my "converse" icon I need something else for other NaNo Calls... so here it is the first one.
So I figured out this year approach, and as I wrote in last note it's several stories instead of one - yeah there will be at least one story after this month! I hope...

Anyway yesterday I was working on a plot for one story, and many thanks to [ profile] sheenianni who helped me enormously with plot decision - but most importantly with the time setting. So this will be a story set in Prohibition Era... so now I need help from my flist finding as much as possible about that times, I have some general information from wikipedia and some references from New York Times, but maybe someone could direct me in an online resource that could tell me more about the times and people then?
I'm interested in bank system, and daily life routine of New York City citizens  - of cops and officers of prohibition, as well as artistic types and art events - exhibitions of paintings and sculpture, opera, theater etc. anything... You know anything that can help write a story for Neal and Moz (as cons of course) and the Agent behind them (Peter Burke of course)...

Giant HELP sign... ;)
So in few days NaNoWriMo starts, I encourage all writers that are like me, with spikes of inspiration to take a part, it's quite inspiring event to play on. How it works? You have 30 days to write minimum of 50K words, it should be an original fiction, a novel, but I'm always a kind of rebel and write fanfiction. In 2011 I wrote a story that is still not finished, a full 50K story, which till now remains my largest writing project, and still need's fixing of the holey plot and beta (looots of beta). Yeah I know...

Anyway the last year attempt ended after one day of writing, but resulted finally in "The Hourglass" story that was a crossover between White Collar and Discworld series.

This year I will try another approach, I'm much better prepared, I dotted ideas that came to my mind to write a fic about, and even done some research (and still will do some in next few days). All in all there is a chance that also this time there will be some fanfiction results :)

If you want to participate you can do it officially (there are nice things to "win" if you write the 50K, but also it does gives a lot of satisfaction if you write it. and my favorite is Scrivener 50% promotion code), or just to play along unofficially (without registration on the site). The plus of using Scrivener is that the demo is available in special NaNo edition, that is full working version with licence till first week of December, which gives you opportunity to export it to other format if you are not willing to buy.

Anyway question for readers who are around - who would be willing to read:
Supernatural crossover (5x01 really, really asked for it)
Discworld crossover - yes it supposed to be next installment in Hourglass series (hmm I should call it somehow) - Maybe "Life-timer series"? Any other ideas and propositions?

So who plays in NaNo? You can always add me as a buddy on NaNo, my nickname there is also nieseryjna.
I'm under an impression that time just flies thru my fingers, it was Monday yesterday, wasn't it?? If so where the heck the last three days went, and how it's possible it's almost Friday again? I wouldn't mind it normally but it seems I can't do anything those days only during one day cos it's not enough.

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Question to American part of the LJ flist (hmm English one too, it would be nice to know the differences ;)), and someone that have the Scrabble, how many letters F are in the set?

Why do I ask? Cos I have an idea for a fic, it's all [ profile] aragarna fault, cos she is giving me ideas and of course trading them for covers... but for that one to work I really need to know that strange piece of information.


Just because

Jun. 17th, 2013 09:29 pm
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There are only three covers left to do :) For me at least, cos [ profile] aragarna has four more :P

Anyway for all who at least looked at them, and didn't decide do comment right away for the ugliness here a bonus Matt :)

The good thing is when I will be finished with covers there is really good chance I will start writing again!

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So beside the troubles of writing, no new episodes of White Collar for another few months how did that happen?

And I mean White Collar is corrupting minds... just yesterday I was in Copenhagen, beautiful capitol city of Denmark, that is not so really far from my home town, that you can take a two-nights-one-day trip to see it. Two nights spent on a ferry to Sweden and then hop a whole day on the trip and hop back to the ferry and back home.

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Well there are only two days left for writing the rough draft for Case Story Big Bang, only 7K, from which I have only 2,5K and there is no way I will be able to write the remaining 5K in time. After I hit the major writing block, I just can't. The good thing is I went to cinema yesterday and few pieces fell together for the story, and I overall have an good idea how it should go and end, so the possibility the story will be written is high. Now I just need to get over the blockage, which I hope will happen at one or other point in time. So either I will write it for WC Big Bang, or I will just write whatever will come out of it and don't worry about minimum number of words and publish it without any bangs...

On the other hand it seems that formal Big Bangs are not for me... which means I shouldn't just take part in them at all. We'll see.

For now I take the photography to next level, and reading book recommended by [ profile] dmk0064/winterstar "Bird by bird" by Anne Lamott - it goes slowly, I just read Introduction, but I do like to book already.

In summary, I dropped out of Case Story Big Bang, but I do want to write the story anyway. Keep your fingers crossed, still :P
Whee so, after many days of muddling over the ideas, and lot of help from the flist - thank you! - It ended a little bit different that I first anticipated.
Plot bunnies for one other story that I already had in mind and very slow works were insistent enough to scare the other plot bunnies away. I was trying to go with the idea from [ profile] dmk0064 about Neal and Mozzie being in troubles and going behind Peter's back. But I got only from there that Mozzie was involved in something and that Neal tries to help him without dragging Peter in. In the end that bunny ran away too.

But I got another one! Yesterday I read a really interesting article about counterfeit and it connected nicely with the idea I had before - and suddenly - snap I had the plot in my head. That's the best thing that happens when I write. Now I just need to find time to sit every day and slowly expand the idea into the fic. Today I was able to write all 640 words :) Not bad for less than hour of writing.

Keep your fingers crossed! I'm gonna write it!.
What do you do when you have a Case Story Big Bang to write, have a little bit clue what you want to do and should absolutely start writing like yesterday?

You sing up for White Collar Big Bang... yeah... the plus is I have two open stories for White Collar and both can be pushed over the 10K limit so I should be good. The bad is that I really, really don't like the fact that between rough draft and publication date is almost two months space... guess I just have to do better this year.
Help! I need somebody to kick my ass... the Case Story Big Bang [ profile] casestory in 6 weeks I should have a rough draft, and I have nothing, nilch, zip, nada, nothing at all, not even a good idea... I got one but then I couldn't decide on the details and discarded it completely. Overall my writing muse is gone, my head hurts and it's only 6 weeks left...

Hope in NaNo - I signed up for Camp NaNoWrimo for April... so let's see if I can do it, first just start sitting and writing every, freaking day, I should be able to get to 10K writing only 400 words per day, that's not really complicated, unless you have no idea what are you writing.
People usually do the summary at the end of the year, or beginning of another... well I'm counting the time a little bit different, you know its Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey...Stuff* sooo last year I did a summary of my writing in March, on first anniversary in fandom. As I will not have time later this week I'm speeding up things this year.

So how was my second year as a fanfiction writer - a little bit worse I would say. I've published only 9 fics! In comparison I've done 15 the year before that, plus one of the fics was started last "publishing" year and is still a WIP right now, and I really don't know if I will continue... who knows.

This year I published roughly 35K words not bad, still less than last year. Only three fics this year were less than 1K, two fics were below 2K, and four been over 4K, not bad!!
Last year it was: 41K (whoooha) with one fanfic over 20K, eight fics below 1K, four below 2K, and only two going over 4K.

So I would say, not really so bad, less fics but with more words in average per fic, well not counting the second one that was the longest. But I like to write a little bit longer fics, over 4K is great, so if I manage to write the two longer fics I have now in mind and they will be about 5K each, and I add to that a Case Big Bang I should be till June on 20K mark, I would say not so bad. I would love to write more and I just sometimes can't get myself to just sit and write, cos the ideas are coming anyway...

Last year was also quite the crossover year - two with Stargate SG-1 and one with Discworld. It was also h/c bingo card year that I wasn't able to finish, the two fics I have in my WIP folder right now are still related to the prompts from that card...

I didn't write NaNoWriMo this year.. failing on 5K mark, but one of the fanfictions grew from what I wrote then. Last year I did finish it, but the fic is still waiting for good graces, someone to kick me in the ass and edit it and lot's and lot's of rewriting, every few months I decide to just delete it, to wake up with an idea how to fix it and not really doing anything... well...

There are still some ideas I wasn't able to write, the plot was lost, the idea not as it supposed to be, the bunnies eating the carrot but not really providing any clues... you know how it works.

So I hope I will finish this writing year with at least similar progress. I hope it was a fun year for readers of my fics too, I discovered Diana as a great, kickass character, and that crossovers are fun to write, it seems also that I have some specific topics I like to write - casefic, Peter & Neal father-son/brothers line, I would love to write more Neal/Sara but I stuck at romance. But I'm not bad at writing flashback fic... somehow... and changing POVs really needs more work, but hey it's only second year... yeah second year since I started writing fanfictions in English.

So the list of fics from this year if you missed them:

Peter's Pan Shadow - WIP - magical realism (sort of)

Back In the Game - AU, PG - They knew each other so well no words were needed. Just a picture.

Feeling of Unknown - AU, PG - What did Neal feel before commutation hearing.

Take Your Time to Catch Your Breath (and Choose Your Moment) - PG-13, written for whitecollar h/c Whump-a-Palooza challenge. Diana! This weekend wasn't going according to plan. Not at all.

Seven Devils - NC-17, violence - Sometimes Neal has nightmares he never tells a soul about.

Restoring Balance - PG-13, Crossover with Stargate-SG1 - What connects an Air Force Colonel, an FBI agent and a con man? Neal Caffrey.

Northern Skies - PG, Crossover with Startgate-SG1, belongs to the series with Restoring Balance and Origins of troubles. The world you know can vanish in a blink of an eye.

The Hourglass - PG-13, Crossover with Discworld. Neal meeting Death is not so unusual for him, but not for Peter.

Look No Further - PG-13. Neal looks far away for something that's just around the corner.

And that folks was a year in nieseryjna's writing...
They say if you have too much to do, just add another thing... So I just did, my writing mojo is flicker like a wind, but hey I just singed up for Case Story Big Bang hich of course can end three fold:
1. I will write a new case story over 10K wheee
2. I will finally edit and finish writing my NaNo 2011 story - Whiskey Barrel (it's a case story too...)
3. Or I will fail both and will not write a thing.

So consider yourself warned that I will start complain again, cos I do only that about my fics, that I don't know what to write, or that I was doing so good and now I'm not.. ha!

Okay so currently on the writing list are (and I mean just the things I really, really want to write):
1. Story for  [ profile] noiproksa quot;Look no Further" Gen, Neal, Peter - father/son story (somehow tag to 4x10..)
2. My h/c bingo card story for field - bodyguards "Girl Who Got Away" teen!Diana story and Charlie of course.
3. My other h/c bingo story for field - telepathic trauma "Sitting on the Roof of the World" AU where having psionic powers is more or less normal...
4. Now I can add the undefined "case story big bang"...

Wish me luck! And feel free to bombard me with ideas, maybe something will stick... ;)

Ps. what the f** is going on with LJ lately, that is going slow okay but eating random letters out of the post?! Is it only me or...?
So I'm a big fan of the Discworld series, and white trying to write something other than rubbish during this year attempt at NaNo (which I failed...) I got an idea for some crossovers between White Collar and Discworld... Now my dear flist tell me what do you think?

1. Do you like corssovers?
2. Why? Or why not? (if you are able to explain)
3.  Are you a Discworld Fan?
4. Wanna read a Discworld - White Collar crossover fic?
5. Who should get a fic? ;)

[Poll #1881603]
Picked up from  [ profile] dmk0064

Give me one of my own stories, and a timestamp sometime in the future after the end of the story, or sometime in the past before the story started, and I'll tell you what happened, whether it's five minutes before the story started or ten years in the future.

Taht could be interesting excercise... so hit me if you want...

From other news RL takes it's toll, and I'm exchausted, literally one day of weeknd and back to work and then I spend at the said work lots of time. My mind is exchausted and no way able to write. On the other hand I'm taking part in NaNo, which right now constist of a 5K story of Neal and the Death (of Discworld), not title, and no idea if I will not cut it into a short series, cos like half of it have to be gone. Plus around 15K of rubbish, done only so I can remember I can write indeed... something, no matte what.