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I stumbled just before Christmas upon a BBC produced program called "The World's Most Expensive Stolen Paintings". I think it's indeed an interesting topic and a very nicely done program. It's actually not showing all of the most expensive stolen paintings, or maybe it is, but it does concentrate on some of them, with quite a big slot about the Gardner Museum theft. But it also shows that side of the crime that we don't think about often - dark and unforgiving.

White Collar shows it in much more glamorous way, but really it's still worth seeing. So if you do have a chance, tune in for 60 minutes (without commercial breaks ;)) to enter the world of art crime from another side.

Here's the link to official page of the program - and if you are in UK you can already see it on their iplayer, if not see on your local BBC program, or... well you know the or way!
Dear All! Happy Holidays - whenever one you celebrate, Christmas, Solstice, Hanukkah or just plain good Holidays :)

To spend the time however you wish, with happiness, warmth and cheer in hearts, with all my love - nieseryjna.

kartka swiateczna 2013_prywatna-TWINKLE

Guess What?!

Dec. 16th, 2013 10:18 pm
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Oh I know it's not Friday, I'm a little bit late with the riddle, sorry for that! I was answering meme questions (I'm still accepting them, come one ask me something!)

So with little delay some new riddle for all of you, don't be shy and try to guess what is on photograph!

Little rules setting:
1. You may try to guess as many times as you want.
2. Winner will be announced up to 48 hours after publication.
3. Your only prize is virtual *hug* or * handshake* and mention in the post.
4. What is not in the rules is allowed ;)

And I must admit I have not expect it to be guessed soooooo fast... again by the Speedy Gonzales [ profile] frith_in_thorns
Confetti and fireworks!! Congratulations!
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Meme ramble #2

Dec. 8th, 2013 09:03 pm
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Continuation of question from [ profile] aragarna about Photography. What do you like? When did you started? Your favorite?

.Part one - "When did you started?" is here

Part two - "What do you like?" starts below, part three will be "Your favorite?" as there are several.

What do you like? )

The meme post is still open for new questions!
That's interesting - snatched from [ profile] frith_in_thorns and [ profile] china_shop

Give me a topic, and at some point in the next few weeks I'll ramble about it. It can be anything from fandom-related (TV shows, books) to life-related (aspirations, identity, political beliefs) to pizza preferences to whatever you want.
My rambles will probably be brief, or not, depending on the subject - and they might be just rambles really.

Actually just give me a topic and I will say what I have to say about it, which sometimes might be nothing... I might not have many different tags and topics published on LJ but that's because I mostly read other stuff, not write :) But still feel free to ask me anything you want.

Christmas time

Dec. 2nd, 2013 07:45 pm
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On overall brighter news Christmas is coming, and with that I made some gingerbread cookies yesterday, and of course already ate them all... they shall be repeated, or not cos I'm not really a fan (although I do like the one's I made, so maybe.)

Here documentation of my heroic work!
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Another Friday has come and as I have promised I'm trying to keep the riddles coming regularly. So here is another one. Look closely ;)

You remember the rules of course? Or if you take part in the riddle for first time there is a reminder.

1. You may try to guess as many times as you want.
2. Winner will be announced up to 48 hours after publication.
3. Your only prize is virtual *hug* or * handshake* and mention in the post.
4. What is not in the rules is allowed ;)

And once again the [ profile] frith_in_thorns has won!! Congratulations! Confetti and hugs, handshakes and warm tea cos it's cold outside. And yes the answer is pomegranate! I really, really need to give you something more complicated, although I was thinking this one will be not so easy.
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Whee I'm on 30K in my NaNoWriMo, still few thousand words behind official target, but lately I was adding approximately 2,5K per day to my story so it's there will be more to come. The idea to write several stories was actually a good one, I wrote two fully and I'm in the middle of third one that seems to grow into Big Bang proportions. It already has 13,5K of the story written and there is still more to come.

Which one got my creative juices coming? The Supernatural crossover one! The crossover is very very slight, and actually I will not sell it as such, there is also a Supernatural 101 situation to explain some stuff to our characters, so part of it you are getting right now. Just because I celebrate this is a sneak peak of my story called "Devil may care."

Please take it with grain of salt as it's unbetaed, I'm not English native, and I actually just wrote it an hour ago. Yes those are my excuses... now a break for a snack and let's continue writing.

My fellow WriMos official and not, how is the writing going??

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Okay so there was a while since I posted the last riddle, and now I plan to follow with a riddle every two weeks. So here it goes first from regular riddles - every two weeks at Friday there will be a new riddle for you :) And it's a set of fresh new photos done specially for the riddles.

Now I think this one is very, very easy, and I suppose you will think so too :) Anyway let's try!

You remember the rules of course? Or if you take part in the riddle for first time there is a reminder.
1. You may try to guess as many times as you want.
2. Winner will be announced up to 48 hours after publication.
3. Your only prize is virtual *hug* or * handshake* and mention in the post.
4. What is not in the rules is allowed ;)

Ha! I told you all it was wayy to easy? [ profile] aragarna guessed it almost immediately and yes it was cauliflower. Hugs and sparklers all around!
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Anyway you notice my new icon? That's here just for a month, cos I write in NaNoWriMo and as I love my "converse" icon I need something else for other NaNo Calls... so here it is the first one.
So I figured out this year approach, and as I wrote in last note it's several stories instead of one - yeah there will be at least one story after this month! I hope...

Anyway yesterday I was working on a plot for one story, and many thanks to [ profile] sheenianni who helped me enormously with plot decision - but most importantly with the time setting. So this will be a story set in Prohibition Era... so now I need help from my flist finding as much as possible about that times, I have some general information from wikipedia and some references from New York Times, but maybe someone could direct me in an online resource that could tell me more about the times and people then?
I'm interested in bank system, and daily life routine of New York City citizens  - of cops and officers of prohibition, as well as artistic types and art events - exhibitions of paintings and sculpture, opera, theater etc. anything... You know anything that can help write a story for Neal and Moz (as cons of course) and the Agent behind them (Peter Burke of course)...

Giant HELP sign... ;)
So in few days NaNoWriMo starts, I encourage all writers that are like me, with spikes of inspiration to take a part, it's quite inspiring event to play on. How it works? You have 30 days to write minimum of 50K words, it should be an original fiction, a novel, but I'm always a kind of rebel and write fanfiction. In 2011 I wrote a story that is still not finished, a full 50K story, which till now remains my largest writing project, and still need's fixing of the holey plot and beta (looots of beta). Yeah I know...

Anyway the last year attempt ended after one day of writing, but resulted finally in "The Hourglass" story that was a crossover between White Collar and Discworld series.

This year I will try another approach, I'm much better prepared, I dotted ideas that came to my mind to write a fic about, and even done some research (and still will do some in next few days). All in all there is a chance that also this time there will be some fanfiction results :)

If you want to participate you can do it officially (there are nice things to "win" if you write the 50K, but also it does gives a lot of satisfaction if you write it. and my favorite is Scrivener 50% promotion code), or just to play along unofficially (without registration on the site). The plus of using Scrivener is that the demo is available in special NaNo edition, that is full working version with licence till first week of December, which gives you opportunity to export it to other format if you are not willing to buy.

Anyway question for readers who are around - who would be willing to read:
Supernatural crossover (5x01 really, really asked for it)
Discworld crossover - yes it supposed to be next installment in Hourglass series (hmm I should call it somehow) - Maybe "Life-timer series"? Any other ideas and propositions?

So who plays in NaNo? You can always add me as a buddy on NaNo, my nickname there is also nieseryjna.

Title: Girl Who Got Away

Characters: Neal Caffrey, Diana Barrigan

Pairings: Gen

Rating: PG-13

Word count: ~ 3800

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything.

Spoilers: None

Beta: by fantastic mam711 from

Summary: Diana and Neal go to an exhibition; what could go wrong?

A/N: It started in my head as a fill for my bingo card field “Bodyguards,” where I was prompted to write a piece about what happened to Charlie, and then it morphed into this. Title from Dido song "Girl Who Got Away".

She woke up coughing, her lungs screaming for oxygen that seemed to not be coming. ... )

I'm under an impression that time just flies thru my fingers, it was Monday yesterday, wasn't it?? If so where the heck the last three days went, and how it's possible it's almost Friday again? I wouldn't mind it normally but it seems I can't do anything those days only during one day cos it's not enough.

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Question to American part of the LJ flist (hmm English one too, it would be nice to know the differences ;)), and someone that have the Scrabble, how many letters F are in the set?

Why do I ask? Cos I have an idea for a fic, it's all [ profile] aragarna fault, cos she is giving me ideas and of course trading them for covers... but for that one to work I really need to know that strange piece of information.

Time for showing off photos as usually, there is a fic in the making, just for those that still are waiting for something from me, but as photography is right now on the first place - as it seems my only source of income right now. Therefore the show off post!

Autumn is coming, quite fast the temperatures dropped down, rains started every other day for the whole day, but sometimes, sometimes the day is warm and sunny and perfect to go out and make photos - well I do also wait for the perfect day that will be all gloomy and foggy, but that didn't came yet.

So here we go, question to all is in your country a culture of going to the forest to gather mushrooms and then prepare them at home and eat of course? (or put in jars for winter, or maybe dry them?)

To the photos! )
My dears, here we go with another photo in the guess what series ;)

Please remember the game rules
1. You may try to guess as many times as you want.
2. Winner will be announced up to 48 hours after publication.
3. Your only prize is virtual *hug* or * handshake* and mention in the post.
4. What is not in the rules is allowed ;)

And above all have a looots of fun!
The winner is !!! [ profile] noiproksa who shoot once and guessed right away ([ profile] aragarna was fighting very well but this time victory was lost ;)) hugs and confetti for the winner! The answer of course is: pumpkin
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It seems that there was a big shift in my LJ interests, with White Collar on such long hiatus, personal issues and increased work on my own photography you are getting more and more pictures to look at instead of WC related stuff. Sorry for that. I'm still writing fics, they will be coming, but with the situation as it is I don't really know when...

Till that time you just have to bear with me and my photos :P

Today few shots from crosscountry rally that took place partially in my city - which allowed me of course to get there with my camera. And one "human" photo, as I'm venturing into muddy waters of people photography to increase my skills, portfolio and chances for clients. Still much of the work to do but I really like that one photo.

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Guess what!

Aug. 30th, 2013 08:55 pm
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It's been a while from the last guess what post, and the last one was very easy, I fear this one is very easy too... anyway :)

Remember the game rules
1. You may try to guess as many times as you want.
2. Winner will be announced up to 48 hours after publication.
3. Your only prize is virtual *hug* or * handshake* and mention in the post.
4. What is not in the rules is allowed ;)

And the winner is, extremely fast [ profile] noiproksa ! The answer of course is corncob. Giant hugs and congratulations, confetti and maybe some balloons too...Start guessing! )
I love my City, the small place on the end of Poland (of course depends from where you are looking ;)), where everywhere else in Poland is soooo far away. Called "oh that one over the sea" by the rest of the country - despite us still having 100 km in straight line to it... Called also a village with trams... But I don't care what it's called by others, it's beautiful city, especially in Spring-Summer-Autumn, and winter when it's full of snow. There are great places to be, amazing parks in the middle of the city that allow you to rest, very interesting performances all over the year. This is my home.

Now you have a chance too see it too there are two sites I encourage you to visit:

One is a panoramic view 360 degrees from the best place to see city from called Cafe 22 (yes it's a restaurant/cafe). But just bear with me, the view is astonishing. HERE

The second one is official "virtual" city tour - official as in presented on City official sites. Also very interesting to see. HERE

Isn't my town gorgeous?!? What do you think?

Doctor Who!!

Aug. 13th, 2013 08:37 pm
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Okay any Doctor Who around? Wanna visit TARDIS close up?  Read instructions here !! Google Easter Egg, cool thing to see. It takes a little wriggle around, mine double arrows didn't show up in the same place as for them. So don't worry, try more. And yep it does work on the old maps GUI.